To prepare for the future, our management has planned a VideoHelper company retreat.

We will be retreating starting December 21stand want to assure everyone that it’s just a complete coincidence it happens to fall on the day ancient Mayans predicted the end of the world.

We think this whole Mayan thing is absolutely ridiculous.  The company retreat is just a spur-of-the-moment thing we started planning a few years ago, and we’ll be right back in the office immediately after the effects of the fallout (of course we’re talking about the holidays) have receded.

On a completely unrelated matter, we request all license agreements to be paid in full prior to the totally random date we spontaneously selected for our getaway, December 21st, which again, has nothing to do with the world ending as a result of a giant flood, nuclear holocaust, or xtab'uthnu laying our crops and livestock to waste.

Also, we've decided to be more practical and will now be accepting more nourishing items like canned goods and other non-perishables as proper payment, instead of tasteless and way-too-fibrous paper money.

Everything’s fine.  We’ve even hurriedly started working on our next disc, which contains an updated version of Prince's “1999” and Tom Waits' "The Earth Died Screaming."  

It’s outrageous that anyone would believe in something like a post-human apocalypse where the future is ruled by thousands of loincloth-wearing Charlton Hestons.   People can be so dramatic about nothing.

Like over things like this:

Our latest release, Disc 44: “Welcome to the Dramadome” features 130+ cuts of dramatically-infused drama.  This attitudinal collection works for everything from the explodingest explosions to the eventiest of events, but does not – and will not – work for lovemaking.  The cues range from the sleek Orchestral-Synth-Rock-Popstep of STREETS OF NIGHT; to the frantic, fear-laden decline-of-civilization-as-we-know-it death knell of UNEARTHED; to the Gothic-infused, apocalyptic paean to urgent evacuation BEGINNING THE END; to the dark, foreboding emerging-from-the-bomb-shelter-ish strained strains of HERE LIES RUIN.  Happy conflicts everybody!

Hear it here: 

As always, if you have any concerns or licensing questions about the disc after the 21st, feel free to contact us via shortwave radio.