Not your typical production music company

Are you really THAT hard up for entertainment that you're reading our corporate information page? Really?

VideoHelper is an independently-owned production music library for film, television, marketing and multimedia -- specializing in trailers and promos.

We make libraries of production music with cuts that are heard hourly around the world. Music that has been featured in campaigns both large and small in every imaginable medium. Never heard of us? Okay, but we can almost guarantee you've heard our work -- unless you're Amish or have a serious bladder condition that keeps you busy during commercial breaks.

We started the company in 1995 out of necessity. As network television promo producers, we were frustrated with the licensed music; the unobtrusive, sonic wallpaper that 80% of the time, incongruously, featured some kind of sax solo. So we created a library of production music that did what we needed it to do. Music that not only sounded different and engaging, but was designed to give its users a palette of tools that would make editing and telling a story much easier. Almost 100% sax-solo free.

Based in New York City, VideoHelper recently moved into a new state-of-the-art recording studio. The 6,600 square foot space features a live recording studio, networked fiber optic workstations, acoustically balanced mastering room, and genuine copper wire for our AOL-ready, 56K dial-up internet. No expense was spared!

We have a staff (of which 30% are named "Matt") on hand for music searches and to answer your questions about licensing. Available by phone, Live Chat or even email, for you patient types.

Our award-winning online search engine, located at, is always available to download any of our tracks, anytime.  Known for its more-comprehensive-than-normal keyword search and ability to crash when we’re showing it to prospective clients, our patented “Scenarios” concept which allows you to search for cuts for ultra-specific situations like “Your Children Will Die” to “Slow-Mo Punt Return.”


VideoHelper is a proud member of the Production Music Association.

Our hours of operation are from Monday through Friday, 10am-6pm EST.

For more information, contact:

VideoHelper, Inc.
50 W. 17th Street Fl 10
New York, NY 10011

T: 212.633.7009
F: 212.633.9014